Igor Vlasenko

Advanced Research Associate of the Topology department.

Scientific interests:

Smooth Topology, Group actions on Low-dimentional manifolds, Topological Dynamics, Hyperbolic Dynamics and Numerical Computations in Dynamics.

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Recent photos from the 4th International Colloquium "Mathematics in Engineering and Numerical Physics", October 6-8, 2006, Bucharest, Romania


Linux (I am registered Linux user #184498 and a member of ALT Linux Team) and Open Source Programming (see my pages on sourceforge.net and CPAN).

List of Linux-related articles (russian).

Maintained software (Dynamical Systems, TeX, etc.)

My LiveCD Linux distribution ALT Linux Dynamical Systems Edition (local intranet only)

Храм Святых Первоверховных Апостолов Петра и Павла (Home page)

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