Nonlinear analysis

includes Laboratory of differential equations with partial derivatives

Kochubei Anatoly Naumovich

Head of department
Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine,
Senior scientific researcher, doctor of science


Gerasymenko Viktor I.

Leading researcher
professor, doctor of science


Kosyak Oleksandr

Leading researcher
Senior scientific researcher, doctor of science


Grushka Yaroslav Ivanovich

Senior researcher
Senior scientific researcher, candidate of science


Ryabukha Tatiana Viktorivna

Junior researcher
candidate of science


The department of nonlinear analysis was created in 1993. Its first head was Igor Volodymyrovich Skrypnik, then Academician-Secretary of the department of mathematics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. After I. V. Skrypnik's death in 2005, Anatoly Naumovich Kochubei was elected the head of the department of nonlinear analysis. In 2016, the department was merged with the former department of partial differential equations. In diverse periods, the outstanding mathematicians M. L. Gorbachuk and S. D. Eidelman worked in our department. The research topics of the department include a wide range of problems of modern analysis, both linear and nonlinear, in particular non-Archimedean analysis, fractional calculus, spectral theory, group representations, as well as problems of mathematical physics.




PostGraduate students

Former staff

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