Slavik Rabanovich

Department of Functional Analysis
Institute of Mathematics
National Academy of Science of Ukraine

3, Tereshchenkivs'ka str.
Kiev, 01601, Ukraine
Phone +38-044- 234-61-53

Senior scientific researcher

Office 406, 407


Representation Theory, Linear Algebra, Operator Theory of bounded operators. My iverstigations are focused on several themes. Among them are:

Representation of a matrix (or a bounded operator) by a linear combination (+1,"+"or "-" 1, integer, positive, real, complex coefficients) of idempotents or orthoprojections.

Representation of a matrix as a product of unitary matrices with a fixed spectrum.

Applications of a sum and a product of projections in Numerical Analysis, Knots Theory, Functional Analysis and so on.

Applications of the inverse eigenvalue problem: finding the possible spectrum of G=A+B+C+..., where A, B, C... are projections.

Finding siutable initial spectra data for solvability of inverse spectral problems for weighted grphs or(and) sign patterns.

Describing complete sets of unitary invariants of a matrix. Invariant Theory and Representations.

Abroad conferences and visits:

  • 17th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON DOMAIN DECOMPOSITION METHODS, St. Wolfgang/Strobl, Austria, July, 3-7, 2006, Here is the DVI file of the slides I used in my talk there.
  • GROUPS AND OPERATORS, Gothenburg, Sweden, AUGUST 15-18, 2016. Programm and slides link at

  • Uppsala University. A visiting researcher (May, 9-22, 2006 yr.) in the group seminar link
    The trips were supported by STINT.
  • Bonn University. A visiting researcher (March, 1-31, November 1-30, 2007 yr.) in the group
    The trips were supported by DFG .

    Recent papers . My short CV (pdf). An abstract of my Phd thesis (Ukrainian, dvi).

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