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  1. (with V. V. Kirichenko) Higher Algebra. Kiev University, p.I, 1971, p.II, 1973.
  2. (with V. V. Kirichenko) Finite Dimensional Algebras. Vyshcha Shkola, Kiev, 1980 Download DJVU (Russian) (English enlarged edition: Springer-Verlag, 1994.)
  3. Galois Theory. Kiev University, 1997. Download PDF (Ukrainian)
  4. Theory of Algebraic Numbers, Kiev University, 1998. Download PDF (Ukrainian)
  5. Introduction to Algebraic Geometry. Klasyka Publishers, L'viv, 2004.
    Download PDF: English Ukrainian
  6. Basic Mathematical Logic. Kiev University, 2005. Download PDF (Ukrainian)
  7. Vector Bundles over Projective Curves. IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, 2008. (Ukrainian revised version: Inst. Math. NAS Ukraine, Kyiv, 2010). Download PDF Ukrainian version PDF
  8. (with I.Burban) Maximal Cohen-Macaulay Modules over Non-Isolated Surface Singularities. Memoirs AMS, v.248, No.1178, 2017.

Research Articles:

  1. (with A.Plakosh) Cohomologies of Kleinian 4-group. Arch. Math. arXiv:1910.03868 [math.GR]
  2. (with O.Tovpyha) Cohen-Macaulay modules over the plane curve singularity of type T44, II. Algebra Discrete Math. 28:1 (2019) 75-93.
  3. (with O.Tovpyha) Cohen-Macaulay modules over the plane curve singularity of type T36. Algebra Discrete Math. 28:2 (2019) 213-233. (arXiv:1910.03859 [math.AC])
  4. (with I.Burban) Non-commutative nodal curves and derived tame algebras. arXiv:1805.05174 [math.AG]
  5. (with I.Burban and V.Gavran) Minors and resolutions of non-commutative schemes. Eur. J. Math, 3:2 (2017) 311-341. (arXiv:1501.06023 [math.AG])
  6. (with A.I.Plakosh) Cohomologies of finite abelian groups. Algebra Discrete Math. 24:1 (2017) 144-157. (arXiv:1709.05616 [math.Gr])
  7. (with I.Burban and V.Gavran) Minors and categorical resolutions. Singularities and Computer Algebra. Springer, 2017, 71-95.
  8. (with N.Golovashchuk and V.Zembyk) Representations of nodal algebras of type E. Algebra Discrete Math. 23:1 (2017) 16-34.
  9. (with O.Tovpyha) On Cohen-Macaulay modules over the plane curve singularity of type T44. Arch. Math. 108 (2017) 569-579 (arXiv:1610.05033 [math.AC])
  10. (with A.Plakosh) On nilpotent Chernikov 2-groups with elementary tops, Algebra Discrete Math.  22:2 (2016), 201-208 (arXiv:1610.05030 [math.GR])
  11. (with I.Burban and V.Gavran) Singular curves and quasi-hereditary algebras. Intern. Math. Research Notices 2017(3), 895-920 (2017) (arXiv:1503.04565 [math.AG])
  12. (with A.Plakosh) On nilpotent Chernikov p-groups with elementary tops. Arch. Math. 103 (2014) 401-409. ( arXiv:1409.7188 [math.GR]).
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  15. (with I.Burban and V.Gavran) Non-commutative schemes and categorical resolutions. Preprint 2014-6. Max-Plank-Institut für Mathematik, 2014.
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  18. (with V.Zembyk) Representations of nodal algebras of type A. Algebra Discrete Math. 15, No.2 (2013), 179-200.
  19.  (with V.Bekkert and V.Futorny) Tilting, deformations and representations of linear groups over Euclidean algebras. J. Pure Appl. Algebra, 217, no.6 (2013), 1141-1152. (arXiv:0810.2037 [math.RT]) Download PDF
  20.  (with D.Voloshyn) Derived categories of nodal curves. (Ukrainian) Ukr. Math. J. 64, No.7 (2012), 1033-1040. (English translation: Ukr.Math.J. (Springer) 64 (2013), 1077-1184).
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